Weksper Heat Insulation Measurement System

Winsa PVC Window Door And Shutter Systems developed Weksper project with carrying out the important project to contribute both its country in energy efficiency and create awareness in the frame of social responsibility. Testo and Trakya Cam companies also contributed to Weksper project that aimed to determine the heat abduction of energy consumption that used in the house with the aim of heating and cooling due to windows and decrease it.

Weksper project was developed considering Winsa PVC Window Systems, Testo brand thermal camera and glasses qualified Trakya Cam product as a whole. In the report that will offered to last users in accordance with measurements that will be made with thermal camera which will be provided by Testo company and reference values that will be taken from ITU, appropriate Winsa range and qualified glass will be suggested. As a result, for the houses that was changed its old PVC joinery with Winsa series the energy efficiency will increase, saving energy costs for heating and cooling will be provided.

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